SELCO aims to make all the vital business procedures and techniques an open source model. The SELCO Incubation Centre will publish documents which will meet this goal and also knowledge material that we gather in the journey of nurturing the next generation of renewable energy enterprises catering the under-served communities across India.

A Guide for solar financing procedures with Regional Rural Banks and Other Institutions

The predominant reason for solar technology not to flourish is the inability to facilitate the appropriate form of financing for the same. SELCO has over eighteen years followed the below approach in order to overcome this scenario: This is the normal approach when solutions are provided in cities and other well-served towns. But in remote and under-served regions, the tendency is to distribute the cheapest products without any effort being put in to study the best and sustainable solution, often for fear of the effort not being profitable. One of the key factors that can bring about a change in this mindset is to learn about the different options of financial linkages available or that can be created in remote and under-served areas. SELCO has, by utilizing financial linkages available in Karnataka, run as a commercial entity with social objectives very sustainably since 1995. This manual, which has used the extensive experience of SELCO, aims to help all the parties concerned, the system provider, end user and the finance provider to understand and utilize financial linkages to bring light and power to energy deprived areas of the country.


For standalone Solar Home Lighting Systems

SELCO Incubation Centre aims to provide assistance to social enterprises committed to provide sustainable energy to all and end energy poverty in the society. On the technology front, end to end support starting from customer segment identification, need analysis and design of solutions to vendor identification, product testing, supply chain, capacity building and staff training. This manual is intended for the technical staff who will undertake installation and servicing activities. Apart from referring to the manual, SELCO Incubation staff can be contacted for any technology consulting and onsite or remote assistance. The manual focuses on simple home lighting systems involving a single solar panel and a single battery powering few DC (direct current) Loads.





Techniques and Procedures

Over the years SELCO has learnt how to walk the delicate balance of being able to market solar home lighting system as a utilitarian product as opposed to a consumer product. It is crucial to demonstrate the impact of a reliable source of light on the quality of life in terms of education, income generation, sense of security and pleasant ambience. Representing a solar light as a consumer product will not highlight all the above mentioned benefits. When the focus is on life cycle impact, the importance of optimum design and affordability comes into place. Hence there is need for customisation for this market segment. Only then will people see its value as a utility product.This manual is intended as a guide to social entrepreneurs who wish to learn from SELCO’s experience as to how this fine balance of sales and social impact can be maintained.