Advisory Board

ashishAshis Kumar Sahu

Ashish is a mechanical engineer and an alumnus of Institute of Rural Management (IRMA), Anand. He was heading the operations for about 5 years at SELCO Solar Light Private Ltd as its COO. Ashis setup the vision and the groundwork for the SELCO Incubation Team as the CEO since it's  inception in late 2011 and now continues to be on the advisory board. He brings extensive experience in sustainable energy, livelihood management, micro enterprises and microfinance having worked in BASIX, RCDC, Oxfam, and Urmul Trust prior to SELCO. He has co-authored a book titled 'Development, Divinity, and Dharma' published by Practical Action.



Harish Hande

Harish Hande An engineer and a renewable energy entrepreneur with extensive grassroots experience in meeting the energy requirements of rural households. He is the co-founder of SELCO-India. SELCO-India is a rural energy service based out of Bangalore, India. Since 1995, SELCO-India has installed over 125,000 solar lighting systems in rural households. His experience includes a large number of health, education and water related projects: over 500 small rural and urban health clinics, over 1000 rural and semi-urban schools and dormitories, and over 1500 irrigation and drinking water systems. Dr. Hande also is on the board of many national and international organizations. Dr. Hande won the 2011 Ramon Magsaysay Award, Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy 2005, Tech Museum Award 2005 and the Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007.


Svati Bhogle

 Svati Bhogle holds a masters degree in chemical engineering from IIT Bombay. She worked for the Hindustan Lever Research Centre for about a year after which her interest shifted to research in technology for development an area that she has been working in for over two decades. When working for the Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology, she was initially involved in research in the development of fuel efficient biomass based stoves and dryers for a variety of applications. She is the Secretary and Chief Executive of Technology Informatics Design Endeavour (TIDE) for about 10 years now and has worked on several projects involving technology development, adaptation and dissemination. She has also contributed to several projects that have explored entrepreneurship models for sustainable technology dissemination. In the past few years, she has been associated with projects involving women and livelihoods. She was also the Editor of Energy for Sustainable Development the journal of the International Energy Initiative till March 2007.


MS Sriram

MS Sriram is a visiting faculty at the Centre for Public Policy, IIM Bangalore. Sriram is a Fellow from IIMB & holds a PGDRM from the Institute of Rural Management Anand. He is also a Distinguished Fellow of the Institute for the Development of Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) - an institute set up by the RBI. Prior to IIMB, Sriram was a faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad & IRMA. Sriram was also a Vice-President in BASIX. In addition to the academic and consulting work he has served on several committees set up by the Government of India, RBI & NABARD contributing directly to policy making. Presently, he is on the council on payments systems of UIDAI. He is currently on the Board of NABFINS, and the Governing Council of IRMA. Sriram is a prolific writer and has also published books in Kannada.